Equus Kinsky

About the Kinsky Horse

Europe’s original gold sport horse established 1516 in Bohemia, the world’s first gold palomino stud farm.

“Old gold” – The Kinsky horse is Europe’s original sport horse, designated a rare breed by the E.U. authorities.

At one time produced for cavalry officers the Kinsky horse is similar to its European warmblood cousins. These exceptional horses are often golden, palomino, dun or buckskin.

Kinsky horses are found in most horse sports, from general riding to Dressage, Military/ Eventing, Show Jumping, horse gymnastics, Polo and National Hunt racing. The Kinsky horse can range from 15-17,1hh the average height around 16,1-16,2hh (165-168cm). The traits common to all Kinsky horses is good character, stamina and athleticism. The relaxed nature of the Kinsky horse facilitates smooth training. Owners/riders often speak of a bond readily achieved with the Kinsky horse.

The Kinsky gold palomino stud farms are established in Bohemia, (Czech Republic) and England.