Horse Power Project

Trekking and polo for selected riders.

Kinsky Horse Polo

The riders

Individuals with restricted or no walking ability who aspire to ride and compete.

The horses

Equus kinsky is supporting the horse power project in proclamation of the Kinsky horses 500 year anniversary, and will donate up to 50 kinsky horses over a ten year period. These horses will be trained with selected riders as part of the horse power project in England.

The tackle

Super Service Saddles; created for the horse power project are individually crafted to the riders requirements. These bespoke saddles combine existing tried and tested saddle design with added features to support and protect the rider.



“The kinsky horse has a superb temperament and will be ideally suited for such work as the horse power project”

Count Radislav Kinsk


“The words of Tom Penn, our very brave and sometimes very bruised prototype test rider continue to inspire us all”

Greg Gilbert


“On this horse, in this saddle I am free to outrun and out jump any Olympic athlete possessing a mere two legs”

Tom Penn